The Internal Rooms Start To Take Shape

The walls are up, the roof is on, the floors are laid so its time to decorate right? Well, almost

Next comes the windows

We need to start by making the site water tight so we need to get the windows on the site, but we are also still working on the far side of the site with work still progressing on the bricklaying, roofing and more…
Its going to be some time still before we have a completed showhouse but we are making progress and its great to see how open ans spacious the rooms are starting to feel.

Making it homely

All rooms when just bare breeze blocks and concrete floors look dark with an element of doom and gloom. Does this mean that the property will be dark? its simply not the case. When we put the windows in and we can get the plastboard and plaster on the walls, the room will lift up and feel better.
Later in the project, once we paint and decorate the walls the room lighting will pick up more again, reflecting the light from the windows.
We fully anticipate these room feeling bright, light and spacious.
These purpose built rental properties will be among the best properties in Carlisle and we anticipate them being in high demand.

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