Going That Mile For Tradition

Here at Mcknight & Son Builders: we have years of history with our area. We care about the community and area we live, work and enjoy our lives in and we think we replicate our love for the area with the OldSchoolCourt designs.

Attention to detail

If you look closer at the photos we are publishing of the old school court development, you will see the attention to detail. We want this property to stand the test of time as with all our properties, but with this development, rich deep in history for the old school that originally sat on the site, we are replicating and keeping some of the original features such as window structures and brickwork patters. Something that is often lost in today’s construction.

Its all in the brickwork

You can see how we have replicated the brickwork arch and detailed with a different colour brick to emphasise the arch.
High-quality craftsmanship and a testimony to our bricklayers. We are really pleased with the end result and the tenants that come to live in this property on completion will see the value in the work we are doing.

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