Old School Court Roof Emerges

Its been a long time coming, but brick by brick, we have been making our way up to the top of the OldSchoolCourt Rafters. It’s really pleasing to see that the roof emerges now as we continue working our way around this large complex.

Making it watertight

We are not quite there yet, the development has still got to have its windows and there is only half the roof in situ. As you can imagine, doing a site this large can take some time, even our timber team are still creating roof rafters on the opposite side of the site. We will update you when the site becomes watertight and then we can show you some internal developments

Time equates to quality

We like to think that the work, craftsmanship and attention to detail are clear. Especially with the roof standard on this project. it looks great and we are really proud of this. Let us know your thoughts on the comments below

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